Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List (July 2024) (2024)

To be the best you can be in Warframe, besides good warframes, you’ll need good weapons. Therefore, you will eventually stumble upon Incarnon weapons, and not all of them are really worth getting. So, here is a tier list of all Incarnon weapons in Warframe to help you cull the unnecessary grind.

Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List

S Tier Incarnon Weapons

  • Ceramic Dagger — Kinda sad that the only melee S-tier weapon is actually a ranged. It has a lot of bugs right now, so read its wikia page for more info.
  • Laetum — Laetum is the best sidearm in the game. It’s a red crit simulator, and it deletes everything once you get a good build with it and all of the upgrades unlocked.
  • Lato — Punch through, ricochet, and a whole lot of red crits. If you can have all of the relevant mods, it can be very close to being the best sidearm in the game.
  • Latron — Incarnon upgrades transform its projectiles into bouncing exploding balls. It works similarly to Angstrum, though it deals more damage, especially against big packs.
  • Lex — Infinite body punch through + a bunch of crit amplifying upgrades. Use it with Hemorrhage, Pistol Gambit, Barrel Diffusion, etc.
  • Miter — Miter is a great weapon and one of my favorites. The Sawblade Storm perk allows you to delete almost anything, and it has a great AoE radius as well. Has to be one of the best AoE-specialized Incarnon weapons in Warframe.
  • Onos — Evaporates everything it hits. However, it requires charging and it isn’t really as athletic as other weapons. So, it might be not to everyone’s taste.
  • Strun — Prime Strun is the best shotgun Incarnon by a mile. Running it with Point Blank, Ravage, Critical Deceleration, and Hell’s Chamber is optimal.
  • Torid — A laser with a great damage radius. You can use Primed Firestorm with it for an even bigger radius, but it’s kind of overkill.

A Tier Incarnon Weapons

  • Angstrum — Angstrum is a napalm ball launcher and one of the few Incarnons on this tier list that have truly strong AoE. Still, it performs a bit worse than the S-tier sidearms, so it’s relegated to tier A.
  • Boar — It’s a bit worse version of the Torid Incarnon. It has more AoE potential on paper, but it doesn’t quite convert.
  • Burston — Straight up better than Braton, in my opinion. Monotonous gameplay, though.
  • Dread — Very similar to Paris. It has very high base stats and rewards you very well if you can aim.
  • Dual Toxocyst — A massive upgrade over the base weapon. It’s very satisfying to use and has high single-target DPS.
  • Paris — Paris is similar to Dread. Get Galvanized Aptitude if you can. It’s bugged currently, adding way more damage. The same is also true for Dread.
  • Phenmor — Archgun, basically. Mows down everything and is easily acquireable. Probably the most satisfying Zariman weapon besides Laetum.
  • Praedos — Best tonfas in the game. The damage is crazy, but it’s a melee weapon, and those aren’t that good.

B Tier Incarnon Weapons

  • Boltor — The stats you get from the adapter are very nice, and they easily make this gun B-tier. However, I don’t like the shotgun mode that much and there are other Incarnons on this tier list that are better at short range.
  • Braton — Very nice stats and upgrades. However, I think it’s very boring to play.
  • Despair — It’s a much better version of the Kunai. You get knives that explode on impact for AoE and a decent single-target potential. The stats are also good.
  • Dual Ichor — Easiest combo ever. It also has an insanely large AoE damage area. However, it was nerfed and Melee Influence doesn’t work with it anymore. Melee Duplicate works, though, so it isn’t bad either.
  • Felarx — Use the auto-reload perk on Evolution III. It’s the best perk when you’re running a primer or a melee weapon, and you will always have max ammo up.
  • Furax — If you like pure melee weapons, Furax is one of the best. Stats are very high, and the slam attacks have a very wide radius.
  • Furis — An extremely good close-range weapon. However, it’s B-tier because other weapons outperform it at long range and are also the same, if not better, close-up.
  • Hate — By far the best Scythe in the game. The downside is that the Evolution I effect works only on forward and neutral combos. I wish I could’ve put it higher on the tier list, but melees are generally bad in Warframe, regardless of whether they have Incarnon stat boosts.
  • Innodem — It’s a melee dagger with very high stats. Still, those stats alone are enough to push it to the B tier.
  • Ruvox — They look very cool on paper, but like most other melees in Warframe, these are fairly underwhelming.
  • Vasto — The six-round burst mode is disappointing. The stats increases are all nice, though.
  • Zylok — It has very nice stats, and the Incarnon adapter transforms it into a full Heat weapon. Solid all-around sidearm but is outperformed by the top-tier options.

C Tier Incarnon Weapons

  • Ack & Brunt — An all-around solid weapon. The combo pause perk is especially useful. That’s about it, though.
  • Atomos — Atomos is one of the quirkiest launchers in Warframe. The AoE radius is ridiculous, but the damage is meh.
  • Bo — No extra effects or anything, just bigger numbers. Melee Incarnons are generally bad, and this one is one of the best on this tier list (RIP).
  • Bronco — You can increase the number of ricochets with mods, but then you are losing DPS. Fairly underwhelming gun if you ask me.
  • Gammacor — Damage and AoE are solid, but getting over its charge time is hard for me. In general, the adapter is just good for stats.
  • Gorgon — It actually has good stats, but there is nothing else redeeming about it.
  • Kunai — It has very good single-target DPS, but otherwise, it’s mostly a stat stick.

D Tier Incarnon Weapons

  • Anku — It’s a stat stick and a bad one at that.
  • Magistar — It’s similar to Sibear. It has okayish stats but is otherwise uninteresting to play and is outperformed by other melee weapons.
  • Nami Solo — It has okay stats but is otherwise very similar to other weak melees.
  • Sibear — Slam attacks don’t scale well, and its base stats are fairly low. You shouldn’t bother with this weapon, really.
  • Skana — Solid stats, but that’s about it.
  • Soma — Its stats and full-auto mode redeem it quite a bit, and yet, it’s still the worst shotgun in the game. The crit that you lose because of the Incarnon adapter is just too valuable.

How to Get Incarnon Weapons in Warframe

Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List (July 2024) (1)

Incarnon Genesis adapters cycle through seven weeks, where you can get two out of five available each week as rewards for The Steel Path Circuit. Furthermore, to get both Genesis adapters in a week, you will need to reach Tier 10, meaning 34 continuous required stages (33 with the daily bonus) and a cumulative circuit progress of 5,460.

The Best Incarnon Genesis Adapter Circuit Order

  • Week 1: Paris & Braton
  • Week 2: Angstrum & Boar
  • Week 3: Strun & Latron
  • Week 4: Lex & Ceramic Dagger
  • Week 5: Torid & whichever other one you like. Atomos is probably the worst choice.
  • Week 6: Burston & anything else (the worst week regarding rewards)
  • Week 7: Dread & Zylok (If you already have Paris, you can get something else in place of Dread, but all other weapons are trash)

The above order is the most optimal way of gettingIncarnonGenesis adapters during the first seven weeks of the circuit. Still, you don’t have to follow it; instead, you can pick whatever weapons you want. Ultimately, you’ll want to have them all because they are simply improvements over non-genesis variants.

How to Get Zariman Incarnon Weapons

To acquire Zariman Incarnon weapon blueprints, you will have to visit Cavalero at the center of the Chrysalith after you have finished the required questlines. They have the same upgrade system as the Genesis adapters, though you won’t need base weapons. Also, know that you’ll need Mastery Rank 14 to buy them.

The tier list above and the additional info should help you choose the best Incarnon weapons for your warframe. Also, we included a list of useful Warframe guides just below for you to check out, including the tier list of best warframes.

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Warframe Incarnon Weapon Tier List (July 2024) (2024)
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