Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (2024)

The Incarnon system in Warframe has spruced up a handful of weapons in the game, making them endgame viable and beyond. Though some are more powerful than others, it now begs the question, which are the best?

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Here’s a tier list of every Incarnon weapon in Warframe.

Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list

This list will quickly break down what’s good or bad about the weapons and why they are there. Also, since some weapons have variants, it’ll just be a general power placement.


In all honesty, the weapons listed here are probably going to be nerfed at some point.

Torid – To put it simply, land three direct hits, transform this weapon, and easily melt waves of enemies. This has the power of four Amprexes combined.

Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (1)


The weapons on this tier almost have no flaws and can dish out amazing damage with the right build. Some of these feel unfair and are top picks in the Warframe meta.

Boar – A slight downgrade from the Torid. The Boar also becomes a devastating chain beam weapon that puts other weapons from this category to shame.

Dual Ichor – Easy combo buildup ramps up its damage very fast. Paired with devastating gas clouds, this can clear rooms in an instant.

Felarx – If you focus on a raw-damage, non-crit build, this can provide some of the highest single-target damage in the game. It’s a fantastic bossing weapon.

Lex – When transformed, this weapon shoots walls of death akin to the pre-nerf days of the Arca Plasmor, Fulmin, and Catchmoon.

Latron – This weapon gets huge stat buffs along with bouncing projectiles that deal unfair amounts of damage.

Phenmor – If you like the gameplay of the Soma, this is like a direct upgrade.

Praedos – Tonfas are extremely strong in the meta right now. With just more stat boosts, especially to attack speed and range, this rivals the damage output of the Kronen Prime.

Strun – Another top contender for high single-target damage. This also has good AoE for mobbing.

Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (2)


The weapons here are strong, with some exceptions. Still, they are quite good and can be taken to almost any instance of the game.

Angstrum – Turn your explosive launcher into a hard-hitting assault rifle. Very high DPS but suffers from spread and recoil issues.

Atomos – Turns into a grenade launcher with high damage output. The only real problem is just getting the weapon to transform.

Braton – Your weapon now gets explosive bullets with Heat damage applied. It’s solid overall.

Boltor – This becomes a shotgun with built-in multishot and Slash damage. It excels in hallways and in situations where enemies are clumped together.

Burston – Basically a sidegrade to the Braton.

Ceramic Dagger – Huge stat bonuses and gets projectiles similar to Exodia Contagion, but on heavy attack. It’s also a solid stat stick for weapon synergies.

Dread – Gets a huge stat boost and bonus Fire damage, but loses its silence. It’s good to use in narrow pathways to kill multiple enemies in one shot.

Furis – This turns into a devastating flamethrower when transmuted, fixing its ammo economy problem.

Innodem – This weapon gets an actual built-in Exodia Contagion that does Radiation damage. You also get damage reduction of up to 40% for Finishers.

Laetum – This is basically the pistol version of the Braton and Burston Incarnons, but with Radiation.

Lato – The DPS increase, along with ricochet, actually feels a lot better than other Incarnon weapons with the same mechanics.

Miter – Similar to the Latron, the Miter gets homing explosives, dealing devastating Heat damage.

Paris – This is just an alternate version of the Dread Incarnon.

Soma – This weapon turns into a shotgun when transmuted. It’s nothing to write home about, but the stat boosts alone make it powerful.

Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (3)


There are lots of strong picks in this section, but this is where weapons start to become niche or have a big flaw.

Ack & Brunt – You can throw explosive projectiles when transmuted but at the cost of mobility. It’s decent and fun, but the real winner is pausing your combo timer when holstered.

Anku – Guaranteed Slash procs after slide attacks is a bit niche, but the preserved combo when holstering is a win.

Despair – This weapon deals explosive Fire damage while transmuted. It’s decent but suffers from quick ammo consumption.

Dual Toxocyst – The bullet ricochet ability is cool and all, but there’s such a focus on getting headshots with this weapon that you can easily feel missed headshots.

Gammacor – The stat buffs you get on your weapon are cool but feel inferior to the Atomos Incarnon.

Gorgon – This is a weaker version of the Braton and Burston Incarnons.

Hate – It’s a cool concept to get projectiles for a melee weapon’s base combos, but the Hate is more of a heavy attack weapon.

Kunai – The stat buffs and headshot tracking are nice, but it falls off a bit in terms of overall DPS.

Skana – The stat boost is nice, but this becomes more of a single-target weapon. It gets outclassed by many other non-Incarnon weapons out there.

Vasto – This weapon gets good stat buffs, but the Incarnon form’s 6-round burst is extremely underwhelming.

Zylok – The stat boost is good, but there’s too much setup to get this going.

Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (4)


Don’t write these off as being all bad. The weapons in our C-Tier can still put in work but require a lot to be decent.

Bo – The range buff is nice, but heavy attacks on this weapon don’t really spruce it up.

Bronco – This is a vastly inferior version of the Lato’s Incarnon.

Furax – On paper, this should be cool. It’s not, though. The fire puddles on Heavy Slams are underwhelming.

Magistar – The combo and wind-up speed don’t make up for much.

Nami Solo – A simple range buff doesn’t do this weapon much justice.

Sibear – Nothing more than a tiny stat buff.

Of course, as the meta changes and things are balanced, we can see some of the weapons on the bottom become the meta, and those at the top become mediocre. Only time will tell.

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Warframe Incarnon weapon tier list: Best Incarnon weapons in the game, ranked (2024)
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