Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (2024)

This Devstream offers a deeper dive into our next update, Dante Unbound! Take a look at the next Warframe (Dante!), the Inaros Rework, new Game Modes, TennoGen and much more in our recap below! As always, you can catch the full stream on our YouTube channel as well:


- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream! Don’t miss your chance at an Orokin Reactor Blueprint and Orokin Catalyst Blueprint.
- Mesa has her very own statue, now available in the Warframe Store! Grab her alone or as part of the Gunslinger Collection, available at store.warframe.com.
- We’re going to PAX East! Join us in-person on March 22nd for a live-audience Devstream right from the PAX Stage. If you managed to nab a ticket, we are also hosting a TennoVIP event!

11 Year Anniversary

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (1)

Warframe’s next anniversary is soon approaching! To celebrate 11 Years, we are releasing the Dex Nikana!

As always, we have more anniversary celebrations planned, including the return of Dex items in Alerts, new Community Glyphs, and more! Stay tuned for more news as the big 11 approaches.

TennoCon 2024 Tickets - Tickets on Sale March 28 @ 11am

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (2)

Grab your Physical and Digital TennoCon tickets on March 28 over at tennocon.com! Whether you’re able to join us in-person on July 20th, 2024 (in London, Ontario, Canada!) or you want to celebrate the day from home, you don’t want to miss out.

Attendees can stay tuned for news for a special TennoCon TennoVIP on July 19th as well!

Cosplay Contest + Community Showcase

Community artists, it’s time to shine in the spotlight with our TennoCon Cosplay Contest, and our TennoCon Community Showcase!

Submissions close on June 23rd for those interested in participating.

Warframe is on iOS!

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (3)

We launched our official Warframe iOS build on February 20th, and we’re so thrilled to add a fifth platform.

Our iOS team has been working hard at hotfixing issues as they appear, so thank you to all our mobile Tenno for helping us smooth out the wrinkles on this new platform! Learn more about the iOS launch here.

Next Update: Dante Unbound

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (4)

Dante Unbound comes with many things: a new Warframe, new game modes, Inaros rework, Augments -- but most importantly, it tells the story of a rich man trying to buy a library.

While this update does not have its own Quest, players can explore a character-driven iteration of the Leverian that pits Parvos Granum against Drusus, and highlights Dante’s role in their tale as well. Told through the Leverian and the new Disruption Mode, it’s a story about loss, about making sacrifices, and offers some narrative advancement of the immediate aftermath of the Whispers in the Walls.

But, beyond that, it offers a TON of amazing content, so let’s take a look at what’s coming!

Next Warframe - Dante

Here’s a full look at our 56th Warframe, Dante, and everything that’s coming with him! This Warframe comes with his own Universal Aura Polarity, and custom floating moveset to help this bookworm stand out from the crowd.

Before we get into his kit, let’s take a peek at his customizations and animation sets so you get a better feel for Dante!

Dante is coming with matching:
- Syandana
- Chest Armor
- Shoulder Armor
- Alt Helmet

Dante’s Abilities

Passive: Noctua scans targets. Status Chance increases against fully Scanned targets.

First Ability: NOCTUA
Open Noctua, Dante’s Exalted Tome, and unleash a tale of woe upon his enemies.

NOTE: Noctua has the Unique Trait where all Tome Mods can be equipped without restriction!

Second Ability: Light Verse
Dante’s vitalizing composition grants him and his allies Overguard and increases their Max Health.

Third Ability: Dark Verse
Dante’s composition draws blood from nearby enemies, inflicting Slash Damage upon them.

Fourth Ability: Final Verse
Dante must compose two other Verses before his Final Verse. The last two Verses (ability 2 and 3) cast by Players are what affect the Final Verse, including the order you cast them in! Build a story with your Ability casts, and tell it with Final Verse!

Here’s a look at how each Verse manifests:

- Two Light Verses (2, 2) invigorate allies with Triumph, offering regenerating survivability stats.
- Two Dark Verses (3, 3) attack enemies with Tragedy, dealing lots of damage.
- A Dark Verse followed by a Light Verse (3, 2) summons Pageflight, Paragrimms who swoop at enemies and deal Slash procs!
- A Light Verse followed by a Dark Verse (2, 3) supports allies with Wordwarden, which summons a copy of Noctua

If just looking at Dante’s kit isn’t enough, take a listen to some of the work behind his sound design:

New Entrati Game Modes

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (5)

Netracell Drop Table Changes

Before we get into the game modes, we want to note that Netracell Drop Tables are being adjusted per community feedback. We’re removing all non-exclusive Arcanes from the Drop Tables, and remaining items will have their drop rate adjusted accordingly.

Entrati Disruption - Armatus

A new mode is coming to Albrecht’s Laboratories, but with a twist! Players will search out the usual Disruption keys (called “Dockets”) to install into Conduits, only to be faced with Necramech Demolishers to defeat.

The Gruzzling showcased on Devstream 176 also makes an appearance in this game mode, holding a Disruption Key if you are able to kill it!

As mentioned above, this mission’s drop tables will have Dante, Ruvox, and Onos components for you to earn. A new resource earned from this game mode will be used as part of the “pity” system for earning their blueprints from Loid as well.

*All prices listed are placeholder!*

New Game Node: Deep Archimedea

We’re introducing a new game mode, Deep Archimedea, which is kind of like a more challenging Sortie with a significant twist. These weekly missions offer Tenno a chance to push their Arsenal to the limit in new ways!

To access Deep Archimedea Missions, players must be Rank 5 in the Cavia Syndicate, and must sacrifice 2 Netracell Search Pulses to play. Once sacrificed, players can replay these missions as much as they want, but can only receive 5 Rewards from them each week.

To unlock these Rewards, players must increase their Research Value, which can be done in a few ways via the Mission’s menu:
1. Using items from Loid’s suggested equipment.
2. Applying various modifiers to the mission.

The more Research Value you have, the higher tiers of rewards you unlock: Tier 1 and 2 are drops from the Netracell Drop Table, Tier 3 is the Netracell Drop Table with a better chance for rare reward, and the final tier is a guaranteed Legendary Arcane.

NOTE: This means players who partake in Deep Archimedea can still complete 3 Netracell Missions in that week. The total weekly possible rewards earned from your 5 Search Pulses is 8 (5 from Deep Archmedea, 3 from Netracells), or 5 should you wish to play Netracells only.

Once you are ready, Tenno must take on three missions in a row, without the ability to change your loadout in between -- so pick your equipment wisely! Be mindful of the various mission deviations and risk variables (i.e. conditions that make the gameplay way harder), as well as gameplay restrictions, before heading in.

NOTE: Keen-eyed Tenno may have noticed an Albrecht's Laboratories Defense mission in the work-in-progress Devstream showcase. This was intended to be Mirror Defense; there are no current plans for adding a Defense node to the Sanctum Anatomica.

Inaros Rework

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (6)

Inaros is getting a rework! Pablo has provided a full 5-minute overview of his new kit, but here’s a quick overview of what exactly changed!

Death State When you die, you now turn into a Shadow version of yourself. Land a certain number of hits to respawn -- but the more you die, the more enemies you have to hit!

Ability 1
- Largely unchanged, but we have fixed issues with certain enemies not being able to be Finishered! Now this should be a lot more consistent.

Ability 2
- A combination of his 2 and 3.
- You summon a Sandstorm whirlwind, but it drags enemies beneath your feet so you can ground finisher them.
- Heal for every enemy within your whirlwind.

Ability 3
- The armor part of his 4!
- Can now move while casting
- His Augment is now basekit, meaning he does not receive Status Effects with Armor active*

*Augment now offers death protection, but will hit you with a Slash proc after the Invulnerability period ends.

Ability 4
- The Swarm part of Scarab Swarm -- creates a Swarm that spreads to enemies
- Enemies killed by the Swarm spawn a Sand Kavat that will attack enemies and spread the Swarm
- Now does a Corrosive Proc every tick instead of at the end of the Swarm

General Changes

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (7)

Mirage Eclipse Changes

After Devstream 176, we asked the community their preference on adjusting Mirage’s Eclipse. As a refresher, this Ability changes its effect based on the light level surrounding the player, but this effect does not work properly with GI lighting and open landscapes.

The consensus from players was to change the Light / Dark functionality to a toggle, so that is what we’re doing! Here’s a look at how this manifests for Mirage’s Eclipse:

Tap: Offers up to 90% Damage Reduction (reduced from 95% to be on-par with other damage reduction Abilities).
Hold: Increases weapon damage up to 300%. (increased from 200%, but with multiplier change*)
*NOTE: this buff no longer applies as a final multiplier, and is now an additive bonus.

These values will be adjusted further for the Helminth variant. Look for final details in the Dante Unbound update notes!

Nourish Helminth Nerf

Nourish is by-far the most popular Helminth ability, so we felt it was necessary to reduce its effectiveness slightly for the Helminth version only. Our goal is not to make this ability unusable, but we want to avoid situations where it feels like “you’re playing wrong if you’re not using Nourish”.

Here’s a look at the most-Infused Helminth abilities, for reference. (DevourerConsume is Nourish!)

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (8)

Once this change goes out with Dante Unbound, we’ll be keeping a close eye on usage rates to ensure we didn’t overtweak this adjustment!

Quick Travel Gear Wheel

We’re adding more functionality to your Gear Wheel while in the Orbiter. Instead of cycling through Gear you cannot use, accessing your Gear Wheel will showcase a quick travel menu for easy access to some key parts of your Orbiter! Some items on this quick travel list include your Arsenal, Void Relics, Helminth, Operator, and more.

Melee Ground Slam Changes

Ground Slam Melee Attacks do a lot of damage on one target, but not so much for those caught in the Slam’s Area of Effect (AOE). This is because the AOE damage does not scale with the weapon’s equipped Mods -- but now it will!

The total damage received from the AOE will scale based on how close the enemy is to the Ground Slam.

Murmur Finishers

Certain Murmur foes were released without the ability to perform Finishers on them. With Dante, we finally learned how to stab them! Here’s a look at their new mercy kill animations:

Other Tidbits

Loki’s Decoy’s Health will now scale with the health of the enemies around it when it is spawned in.
Yareli will no longer be rooted to the spot when casting two of her Abilities, so they no longer impact her mobility!
Weekly Archon Shard purchase is being moved from Chipper’s Store to a Cavia Vendor, so players will no longer have to repeat Break Narmer missions weekly to acquire them.
Ascent Fusion (forging multiple Archon shards into a Tauforged Variant) has been adjusted to only require 3 base Archon Shards. This feature is coming with Dante Unbound, but we have reduced the initial cost from 4 following community feedback.

New Augments

Devstream 176 promised a look at the 10 new augments coming with Dante Unbound, so here they are! Stats listed are subject to change, and are shown at max rank.

Styanax - Axios Javelineers
Axios Javelin Augment: a pair of Styanax Specters spawn to throw javelins, creating vortexes on impact. Impale an enemy to increase vortex duration by 5s.

Loki - Damage Decoy
Decoy Augment: Enemies who attack the decoy receive 3 random Status Effects, and the reflected damage is increased by 350%.

Nezha - Divine Retribution
Divine Spears Augment: When a speared enemy suffers from a Status Effect, the Status Effect spreads to all speared enemies. Spear explosions apply 10x Status Damage.

Baruuk - Elusive Retribution
Elude Augment: Every attack Baruuk Eludes increases his Melee Attack Speed and Melee Critical Damage by 5% up to 30%. Stacks last 4s.

Chroma - Guardian Armor
Vex Armor Augment: Chroma’s Health takes 50% of damage dealt to allies. Squad kills restore 5% of his Health and Vex Armor duration by 1s.

Yareli - Loyal Merulina
Merulina Augment: Yareli no longer rides Merulina. Instead, Merulina follows her and casts Sea Snares on nearby enemies. 2s cooldown.

Nidus - Parasitic Vitality*
Parasitic Link Augment: Nidus and any Ally he’s bound to gain 4% Max Health per Mutation during Parasitic Link.*

*Note: This cannot be used with other Vitality Mods.

Citrine - Recrystalize
Crystalize Augment: Enemies killed by crystalline growths stagger and spread crystals to enemies within 20m.

Lavos - Valence Formation
Passive Augment: Ability casts grant 250% Elemental Damage. The Ability’s Element lingers as a Status effect on your weapons for 20s.

Kullervo - Wrath of Ukko
Storm of Ukko Augment: Wrathful Advance moves the storm of daggers to the teleportation location and increases its duration by 6s.

Other New Content

New TennoGen

Elevate your Arsenal with these creations from fellow community members! See the full list of accepted items in our official forum post.

Styanax Deluxe

Here he is in all of his glory! The Syandana has a special animation where it opens like wings when players are stationary. Here’s a preview of the Styanax Deluxe content in-game:

New Incarnon Weapons

We showcased the Ruvox and Onos Incarnon Weapons last Devstream, but here is the Ruvok in action!

From a lore standpoint, these were designed with a lab-manufactured aesthetic, implying that the Incarnon Void effect resulted from various experiments. Slam attacks while in Incarnon form will impale your enemies on a pillar -- neat!

Sound Team - Behind the Scenes on Albrecht’s Laboratories

As a final way to cap off this recap, here’s a look at some of the work by our incredible Sound Team for Dante Unbound and Whispers in the Walls:

Warframe: Devstream #177 Overview (2024)
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