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The Empire of Seven Isles

Current ruler: Caesar Andolin Azarin
Allies: World's Mouth, Mach Mellin
Trade agreements: Gulanadur, Western Kingdom

The name of Seven Isles was not very aptly chosen. There are more than a thousand isles in the Empire, if you also count the little uninhabited ones. And even if you count only the states it still adds up to more than seven. Scholars believe it points to the ancient legend of the Seven Races who founded the fellowship that in turn became the first kingdom. It is certainly true that the number seven has had some religious or magickal relevance, as it keeps reoccurring in the history of the area. The isles form a long stretch from pole to pole, covering all kinds of climates; though the inhabited isles mostly have moderate climates.

With some exceptions the Empire consists of surface dwellers, so what happens under that surface is another kettle of fish.

Isles of the Empire

Citadel: The Citadel is the name of the isle, the capital of the Empire, and the castle of the Caesar; all in one. The Citadel is located in the middle of the Empire, a small rocky isle with not much of interest, save that it is highly defendable. Almost anything can be found in this bustling town, including diplomats from distant nations, exotic foodstuffs, and arcane knowledge. The city is very active as the central seat of government, as well as being the main port of the Empire.
Exports: Seafoods, fine cloth: Silk, satins, etc, pearls, fine jewelry.

Dort: A bustling hub of action, Dort is home to the followers of Furst/Duke Erwin von-zu Dort-Billigh, a country of trading, arts & crafts and of course whiskey, where Pecunia is the main religion, and money talks. The Duchy of Dort is divided into four counties, which are ruled by the ducal vassels, each specializing in a field of trade. In addition Dort has added several colonies to its territory, including Shorewich. Dort is the trade center of the Empire.
The Duke has currently disappeared from the public eye following his divorce but still hold power nominally.
Exports: Dort produces a fair amount of dairy products and meat; it also exports leather products, whilst boar and deer are hunted in the small forests. Recently the demand for Dort tapestries has risen. However, the most famous export product of Dort is alcohol: Dortenese Dark Ale from the Abbey, and Islay whiskey. Dortenese skilled workers are also in high demand.

Oracle's Isle: Even in the oldest records, the Oracle's Isle is mentioned as a holy place; revered by all the religious orders. In times of peril, the Oracle has guided people with its prophecies. The Oracle's Isle is surrounded by reefs and treacherous streams. Very few people have ever visited the isle without becoming a monk. Lady Sosa and her retired Purple Guard have withdrawn to the isle a couple of yahren ago. The rulers of the island are the triad of high priests, whose names are not frequently spoken.

Amun Rah: The wonderful, dry, superstitious and oppressed land of Amun Rah captures the imagination with its xenophobia towards foreigners, the open slave trade, the Amunic magic based on their forefathers, and the sandcaves. Vast deserts make up the majority of the isle of Amun Rah. It is along the shores of Mu-at and in the Emphalis delta that most of Amun Rah life, under the reign of the Rafao, finds a place for itself. The Great Desert is sharing the eastern half of the isle of Amun Rah; this is nothing but a large collection of yellow dunes and a few small oasis with grasslands. Here the tribe of Half Giant nomad warriors tend to their sheep.
Ruler Ionis is growing old, the years have not been kind to him. His wife Isis has returned to her husband side to nurse him.
Exports: Salt, spices, grain, sand, oil

Aveas: Once the central place of the religious sects of Pan, most of the isle has been abandoned, save for such creatures as centaurs and faeries. Since the War of the One, profit-hungry Mouthies have conquered and colonised the island, although there is still some resistance from the original inhabitants and from the Dark Adhiel who occasionally emerge from Gulanadur, giving the colony no appetite for mining in that particular vicinity. There is still a disruption of trade between Gulanadur and Dort in regards to more illegal substances. Aveas is used as a stepping stone in trade relations and keeps a low profile.The administration of the isle is not well known.
Exports: Espresso beans, Smokables, Fine liquors, Fruit, Seafood.

The isle of Ursa Etheria, formerly floating in the sky by divine will, crashed down on the coast of Aveas. Initial incursions by World Mouth were rebuffed and there is now an icy peace. The Citadel has nominally claimed the isle as part of the Empire, offering it the safety of its name, but no further efforts have been made to establish full contact.

Muchislie: Muchislie contains nearly half of all the isles of the Empire. It is a collection of very small isles. The largest isle, which houses the capital Adzerik, is still only half the size of Dort. Some of the isles nearest to the Citadel have a reasonable moderate climate and are covered with forest, but the isles above that have a definite prairie or savanna look about them. Large yellowish fields of grass make the nomadic humans into the hunters of the great grazing beasts.
After the mysterious disappearance of president Silk, and the family de Bessnie that ruled after him, a council of patricians and nomads runs the state.
Exports: Silk, lumber, ships, corn, grapes, fish, native crafts, medicinal herbs.

Kislovan: The adhiel of Kislovan are proud warriors on horseback with an ancient ancestry leading back to the beginning of time. Kislovan has frequently given rise to the leaders of the Seven Isles. The humans in Kislovan often feel treated as secondary citizens by the arrogant elves, which has led to a degree of resentment and even rebellion. The Northern isles of Kislovan, mountain country, harbor many of these rebels. It is rumoured they were previously supported by pirates and smugglers. Others saw the far reaching arm of World's Mouth. Since the shutdown of the operations in Nether's Gate (Western Kingdom) the rebels have kept a low profile but have not disappeared.
Current ruler:

Nipponar: At one time, the landscape of Nipponar contained rolling pastures with soft bubbling streams, and endless meadows with flowers to cover the burrows of the gnomes. Unfortunately, it was all laid bare by the feeding frenzy of the demons during the capture of the Dark Prince in the Great Battle. Those few gnomes that survived are trying to refertilize their beloved isle with the help of the scouts and rangers of the Caesar. This is a desolate country with no great settlements, just ruins. Many gnomes have relocated elsewhere.

Trothgard: Surrounded by glacial fords and mountains of ice and snow, this is the northern most settlement of the Empire. This area is not a true isle, but a peninsula created by a huge polar continent. Regardless of this fact, the small inhabited region still bears the title, The Northern Isle. To those hearty souls that brave the wind-swept tundra, however, the land is known as Trothgard.
Experts: fur, crystals, gems

Sierra: A rainforested island which has little to do with the other realms of the Seven Isles due to its economic insignificance. The deep jungle is mostly uninhabited with the exception of the town of Réalt. It was for this reason that 10 yahren ago the University of Magick arrived unexpectedly, moving there from the Citadel and the growing dark influences.
Traditionally Sierra does not export, but a Dort colony is attempting to have coffee plantations.

Tazlure: what does it look like (2024)
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