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LEDGER LANDMARK RESORT Volume 341 January 2021How do we rate?What does the general public consider when they are unfamiliar with a hotel / resort. 4.2 out of 5An easy way to determine whether or not a property has the features you're looking foris by checking its website and the ratings and reviews available online. These ratings TripAdvisorcan tell you a lot about the quality and amenities of the hotel / resort. Based on theOfficial vs. Unofficial Star Ratings opinion ofThe first thing to understand about star ratings is that there are official and unofficial 1890 peoplestar ratings. Any hotel can say that it is a five-star hotel or a three-star hotel. But unlessyou are sure that the star rating is official, take it with a grain of salt. The original star-rating system was started by Forbes Travel Guide in the 1950s. Since then, several dif-ferent evaluating bodies have assigned stars, so it's important to check who the evalua-tor is and what its system entails. For instance, in the U.S., Forbes is still one of theleading star-assigning bodies, as is AAA. 4.5 out of 5AAA's Diamond Rating System comprises two distinct components. The ApprovalRequirements are uncompromising, mandatory standards, while Diamond designation Googleis based on specific criteria measured during an on-site visit. The extensiveness of Based on 858 reviews.services, amenities, and décor provided, as well as standards for cleanliness, comfortand hospitality are measured. The Landmark has consistently been awarded ThreeDiamonds by AAA.Online Ratings and ReviewsThere are a variety of on-line sites that provide crowd-sourced ratings and reviews.TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and Trivago are among the most popular sites.Tripadvisor, the “world’s largest travel site,” accounts for 25% of all hotel reviews fromthe top 10 sites. It offers online reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, 4.7 out of 5travel experiences, and restaurants. TripAdvisor has a bubble rating system fromone - five, and every guest that submits a review can rate a property accordingly. FacebookThese bubble ratings directly influence quality scores. As you might expect, more Based on thepositive reviews mean an improvement in overall ranking. As of mid-December we are opinion ofrated 4.2 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, based on 1,880 reviews. A more detailed look at the 173 peopleactivity for TripAdvisor can be found in a summary on page 3.continued on page 2

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021How do we rate? continued from page 1Google and FacebookIt’s no surprise that Google and Facebook are also at the top of the list. Google has amassive audience - with many people using Google search daily - which increases thechance for them to view our resort and our Google business listing (which can help 4.4 out of 5generate leads and direct prospects to our website). Our Google rating for the resort is Same rating as Travelocity and Orbitz - both owned by Expedia. 205 reviews.4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 853 reviews. Our Facebook rating is 4.7 ouf of 5 stars,based on 173 reviews.OthersAgain, the list of online travel companies is substantial. And they all have differentrating systems. Based on 205 reviews, our Expedia / Orbitz / Travelocity rating is 4.4 / 5(“Excellent”). On Hotels.com our rating is 9.0 / 10 (“Superb”), based on 143 reviews.On Yelp, we are rated 3 / 5, based on 55 reviews.Others that we don’t regularly track:n Hotwire n Booking.com n TripItn Wikitravel n Angie’s List n Wandern oyster.comRCI and IIMany Landmark Resort owners participate in the Resorts Condominiums International(RCI) and/or the Interval International (II) exchange programs. Both RCI and II haverecognition programs based on guest input on post-visit comment cards. We haverecently learned that the Landmark has regained the RCI Silver Crown recognition for2021, and was very close to earning the highest RCI recognition - the Gold Crown. Theresort is an II “Select Resort.”We monitor a variety of ratings and reviews to assess guest satisfaction with theLandmark Resort. This information tells us what we are doing well, and identifies areasin need of improvement.We strive for continuous improvement in our service andquality, and look to have that reflected in the reviews and ratings provided by ourguests.Jill K. AndersonChair, Ratings and Awards CommitteeSecretary, Rental Management Company -2-

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Importance of Reviews TripAdvisor ReviewI’m pretty certain most people read reviews before making a smart decision. In the Breakdown by Ratinghospitality industry, guest reviews are so important that it’s a matter of life or death. Apositive review can make you and a negative …well you get the picture. ......... 57% .............. 20%So what can resort/hotel operators do to get positive feedback and create a great .................... 11%online presence? We start by asking happy customers to post a review, using toolsfrom TripAdvisor (Reputation Pro) and messages in the Check-in brochure and on our ......................... 7%in-house TV channel. Once our guests have posted a review, we look to respond in a .............................. 5%timely manner. Jeff Larson, Director of Marketing & Sales, responds to the majority ofthe posted reviews, thanking the guests for their comments and offering additionalinformation when necessary. Sandy Hoffman, Front Desk Manager, responds toreviews on Hotel.com. And Tristan Guger, Food & Beverage Manager, will respond to Google Reviewsome of the reviews aimed at the restaurant. Breakdown by RatingWhy is responding to guest reviews important? According to a research by TripAdvisor:n 87% of travelers agree that a good response from the hotel management to a bad ......... 64% review improves their impression of the hotel. ............... 28%n 77% of travelers said that regular responses (to online reviews) from management .................... 5% would make them believe that the hotel/resort cares more about their guests. ......................... 1% ............................... 2%n 62% of those who were surveyed said that they are more likely to book a hotel that responds to review compared to a relatively similar hotel that does not respond to reviews.With online reviews playing a bigger role in the decision-making process whentravelers scout for lodging, it is extremely important to manage our online reputationbetter by responding to reviews. 9 out of 10 Based on 2 reviews. Yes, two. -3-

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Wednesday NightSpecialThe Carrington Pub & Grill started theirWednesday night Japanese cuisine -Hokkaido Sunset special - this pastweek. Featured on the menu:Dragon Roll ..... $12Tempura Shrimp, Avocado, FreshCucumber, Sushi Rice and Nori,Sambal MayonnaiseShoyu Ramen Bowl ...... $19Slow-braised Pork Shoulder, SmokedPork Belly, Roasted ShiitakeMushrooms, Fresh Napa Cabbage,Bamboo Shoots, Sweet Corn and GreenOnionsThe Carrington’s regular hours are4 - 9pm Wednesday - Saturday nights.The Japanese cuisine is offered onWednesday nights. Hope you can stop inand give it a try. Shoyu Ramen BowlThursday NightSpecialThe Thursday Night Special is Buy One,Get One (BOGO). Buy one entree at theregular price, and get the second entreefree. This is offered as a dine-in only.Drinks and tip are not included. StartedDecember 3rd. All-American Burger Shrimp Florentine -4-

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021TripAdvisor - A Review of 2020 MetricsTripAdvisor is the #1 website for posting reviews. The resort has a business listing, and promotes stays on the TripAdvisor website. REPUTATION INSIGHTS Reviews Average Rating Mgmt Response Rate 194 4.2 97% Your reviews are a reflection of your recent performance 52.67% vs Competitor Average 63% vs Competitor Average Competitor Average: 33% MARKET POSITION Ranking Unique Visits 4 of 6 22,326 How often are travelers viewing your TripAdvisor listing? Egg Harbor 5115% vs Competitor Average CLICK ACTIVITY Direct Referral Clicks Special Offer Clicks Phone Calls 4,038 231 101 How often are travelers clicking on these exclusive features? 5 564% vs Competitor Average 5 541% vs Competitor Average 5 538% vs Competitor Average PHOTOS & AMENITIES Photo Engagement Rate Average Photo Views Photo Uploads 19% 1.5 278 How engaging is your listing on TripAdvisor? 5 Competitor Average: 21% 550 vs Competitor Average 5 5188% vs Competitor Average DEMAND TRENDS Visitor Sources Booking Lead Time Length of Stay 61 days 2.6 days Learn more about travelers viewing your listing 5 5.3 days vs Competitor Average 50.0 days vs Competitor Average -5-

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Sandy Hoffmann FOR SALESandy Hoffman is the Front Desk A one-bedroom condo suite.Manager at the resort. She has been with This lovely one-of-a-kind gem isthe Landmark for 15 years - with her located on the ground levelwork anniversary this month. She is of the Flagship building.responsible for the Front Desk staff, and With a secluded and private woodthe smooth operation of the reservation view only steps away from thesystem, as well as checking guests in F5 exit door.and out. This unit is beautifully designed with aSandy enjoys meeting people, and serene nautical theme.delights in seeing the satisfied guests that If interested in a tour or haveshe and her staff come in contact with questions, please contact Nataliadaily. There are always plenty of at 612-479-3234 or email at:challenges with discovering what a guest chefnatalia777@gmail.commay need and being able to help maketheir stay a more positive experience.Turning a dissatisfied guest into along-term, repeat customer is what shebelieves to be among her greatest accomplishments. And part of the mission for herand her staff. RECENT REVIEWSandy lives in Sturgeon Bay with her husband Tom. She is an 8-year cancer survivor. We booked a stay over the winterTom and Sandy have a cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and enjoy visiting there for a little getaway during thefor snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and relaxing. off season in Door County and tookSandy plans to retire in the next 2-3 years. She is sad to see the relationships built with advantage of the more affordablemany long-time owners fade away as they sell their units. Looking ahead to retirement rates. We were very happy withthat is what she will miss most. our room and the resort overall.Sandy can be reached at: We enjoyed the beautiful viewsshoffmann@thelandmarkresort.com from the lobby and our hotel room.920-868-5159 The hotel also implemented new rules due to COVID precautions. - 645kaitlynr via TripAdvisor -6-

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Web Dashboard - A Review of 2020The Landmark Resort maintains a robust website. Today, more people find us on the web than any other means.WEBSITE STATISTICS FOR 2020 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June 10,384 10,279 7,522 3,931 8,886 23,146 Visits 9,605 9,641 6,990 3,668 8,457 22,273 Absolute Unique Visitors 38,280 36,869 24,247 11,324 28,728 88,560 Pageviews 2.85 2.78 2.54 2.3 2.54 2.81 Average Pageviews 00:02:36 00:02:37 00:02:11 00:01:41 00:02:12 00:02:41 Time on Site 80.6% 81% 81.5% 83.1% 82.8% 81.2% New Visits July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 22,813 19,951 14,688 9,623 4,540 5,598 Visits 21,421 18,795 13,527 8,802 4,123 5,189 Absolute Unique Visitors 84,239 71,914 50,797 33,591 15,384 18,698 Pageviews 1.54 2.35 2.31 2.32 2.37 2.3 Average Pageviews 00:01:55 00:01:53 00:02:00 00:02:04 00:02:04 00:01:58 Time on Site 81.2% 74.6% 74.7% 74.5% 75.4% 76.5% New VisitsWEBSITE ANALYSIS FOR 2020 n Website traffic typically follows a seasonal pattern, and this year was very different. n The COVID-19 pandemic made for wild swings in web traffic: April, 2020 was down 59.23% versus 2019, while June, 2020 was up 43.65% versus the same month in 2019. n Pageviews was down 4.05% for 2020 (502,631 vs 523,850) n The average pages per session was down 5.33% (2.5 vs 2.64) n The average time on the site was down 4.91% (00:02:10 vs 00:02:17) n Interesting to note that when totalling the entire year: website traffic was down by only 1.19%. n The pandemic has exposed our website to erratic behavior and an unprecedented year - with very few conclusions to be drawn from the statistical data that was collected in the calendar year 2020. n To take the 2020 numbers versus the 2019 data - and use it to infer trends - would most definitely lead to misleading and inaccurate conclusions.

Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Recent & Random TripAdvisor ReviewsLet’s celebrate the new year, as well as a few Overall Rating & Factorsrecent events in the lives of our staff. Overall Rating ............. 4.2 Kristy Atkinson, Housekeeping, gave Rooms ...................... 4.2 Sleep Quality ............. 4.1 birth to a baby girl on November 27, 2020. Service ...................... 4.1Her name is Brynley Rose. Baby and mom are doing well. Location ..................... 4.5 Cleanliness ................ 4.2 Michael Bleck, Server at the Carrington Value .......................... 4.2 Pub & Grill, celebrates his four year work anniversary this month.Sandra Greenfeldt, Front Desk Reservationist, has retired. Expedia Reviews Overall Rating & FactorsSandra had 28 years of service with the resort. Overall Rating ........... 4.5 William “Bill” Hanson, Electrician in our Maintenance Department, Cleanliness ............... 4.5 marks his four year work anniversary. Staff & Service .......... 4.4 Amenities .................. 4.4Sandy Hoffmann, Front Desk Manager, observes Property Condition .... 4.3her 15 year work anniversary. Karen Korn, Staff Accountant, observes her two year anniversary at the resort this month. Board Meetings 2021Rick Rogers, Executive Coordinator of Operations, and his wife Jen February 6, 2021welcomed a baby girl into their lives on December 16, 2020. March 27, 2021They named her Lucy. April 30, 2021 May 1, 2021 | Spring Clean-up May 2, 2021 | Annual Meeting -8-

Volume 305 LEDGER January 2018Nominating Committee Candidate FormThe Nominating Committee of the Landmark Owners Association is seeking applications for additional Nominating Committeemembers for the 2018 elections. Please note serving on this committee will entail in-person meetings at the Landmark Resort and/ortelephone conferences in order to recommend a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. Please fill in the following questionnaire if you are interested and willing to serve on the Landmark Resort Nominating Committee. NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________ CITY / STATE / ZIP: _______________________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE: _______________________________________________________________________________ COMMITTEE REQUEST: NOMINATING _________ OTHER _________ UNIT(S) OWNED: _______________________________________________________________________________ List past or present positions that you feel would qualify you as a candidate for the Landmark Board of Directors. How do you feel your participation would benefit the Landmark Resort? List any specific issue(s) you would most like to discuss at Board meetings? Please send the above information by February 1, 2021 to Landmark Resort, 4929 Landmark Dr., Egg Harbor, WI 54209, Attn: Wendy Beilfuss or by e-mail to WBeilfuss@thelandmarkresort.com.
Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Owners Board of Directors / Advisors Candidate FormThe Landmark Resort Nominating Committee is seeking owners who are willing to have their names placed in nomination at theannual owners meeting. Please note these positions are time consuming, yet extremely important. Board meetings will require yourattendance about once a month. Please fill in the following questionnaire if you are interested and willing to serve on the Landmark Board of Directors, either as a Director or Advisor (check one) and return to Wendy Beilfuss. NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________ CITY / STATE / ZIP: _______________________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE: _______________________________________________________________________________POSITION OF INTEREST: DIRECTOR _________ ADVISOR _________ UNIT(S) OWNED: _______________________________________________________________________________List past or present positions that you feel would qualify you as a candidate for the Landmark Board of Directors.How do you feel your participation would benefit the Landmark Resort?List any specific issue(s) you would most like to discuss at Board meetings?Please send the above information by February 15, 2021 to Landmark Resort, 4929 Landmark Dr., Egg Harbor, WI 54209, Attn: Wendy Beilfuss orby e-mail to WBeilfuss@thelandmarkresort.com.
Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021Constant Contact - A Look Back at 2020The Landmark Resort utilizes Constant Contact for database management and sending emails (to owners, guests, prospects). AVERAGE OPEN RATE 55% NUMBER OF CAMPAIGNS 56 AVERAGE CLICK-THROUGH RATE 25% 2020 Landmark Resort Open Rate 2020 Landmark Resort Click Rate 548,276 versus previous 12 months ... +7% 5 versus previous 12 months ... +8% 5 versus industry average ........ +8% 5 versus industry average ........ +1%5 TOTAL EMAILS SENT THE RESORT’S CONTACT LIST GREW BY 13%. That's 3,282 more people! TOP PERFORMERS FOR 2020 BIGGEST FANS These people opened our emails the most. Landmark Resort | April 2020 Ledger Newsletter Sent April 8, 2020 | 82% Click-through rate Landmark Resort | July 2020 Ledger Sent July 10, 2020 | 81% Click-through rate tommy@ritesafetyproducts.com Landmark Resort | September 2020 Ledger lestikowl@firstweber.com Sent September 9, 2020 | 79% Click-through rate mmw74@hotmail.com benignus@uic.edu drogers@honkamp.com
Volume 341 LEDGER January 2021 Group Sales Login In December, we booked the following groups: Owners Secure Section of Website GROUP NAME DATE(S) OF EVENT Coleson / Maurina Wedding Wauwatosa, WI 7/30-8/01/21 USER NAME: Catto-Henshaw Family Reunion Pulaski, WI 8/11-8/15/21 landmark Kopshinsky / Vetta Wedding Brookfield, WI 8/13-8/15/21 PASSWORD: Parr Anniversary Milan, IL 8/20-8/22/21 Resort#1_Owner Oneida Golf & Country Club Green Bay, WI 8/31-9/01/21 Kring / Juedes Wedding Fitchburg, WI 9/23-9/25/21 Kaldunski / Larsen Wedding West Allis, WI 9/24-9/26/21 Go to the resort’s website: Street / Buss Wedding Darlington, WI 12/03-12/05/21 www.thelandmarkresort.com Marrero / Spoerl Wedding DePere, WI 6/03-6/05/22 Click on the Owner Login (bottom right-hand corner of page) Salva / Shinn Wedding Kenosha, WI 6/03-6/05/22 Maintenance Request If you find anything in your unit that is in need Swimming Pool Closure of repair, please fill out a Maintenance Request Form. The resort’s indoor swimming pool will be closed These forms can found at the Front Desk. Sunday, January 24, 2021 - Friday, January 29, 2021. The closure is for the annual maintenance and Once filled out, you may submit the form cleaning to the swimming pool and whirlpool in the via email, mail, or return the form Pilot House building. Due to COVID, there will be no to the Front Desk. Appropriate staff alternate swimming pool available to us. will address the issue. - 12 -
LEDGER - The Landmark Resort (2024)
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