Incarnon Genesis (Weapons List, Rotation & Adapters) (2024)

With the arrival of The Duviri Paradox, we were introduced to Incarnon Genesis, which is a new system that allows you to empower certain weapons with their Void-given potential.

This allows you to enhance a weapon to the point where it can transmute during missions, providing them with bonuses based on the upgrades you make during its evolution.

Incarnon Genesis upgrades are limited to certain weapons and to get the Incarnon Genesis Adapters, you will need to participate in one of the game modes introduced during the update.

Incarnon Genesis (Weapons List, Rotation & Adapters) (1)

How To Get Incarnon Genesis Adapters?Incarnon Genesis (Weapons List, Rotation & Adapters) (2)

Incarnon Genesis Adapters can be obtained by doing The Circuit, a game mode that becomes available after you have completed The Duviri Paradox quest.

To get Incarnon Genesis Adapters, you will have to play the Steel Path mode of The Circuit, which allows you to select 2 of 5 available adapters as rewards.

Once you have selected your path, you will need to play The Circuit on Steel Path mode to get Circuit Progress which increases your tier.

Upon reaching Tier 5 and Tier 10, you will receive the Incarnon Genesis Adapters as rewards which can later be used to enhance weapons of the same type.

How To Install Incarnon Genesis Adapters?

To install an Incarnon Genesis Adapter, you will need to head over to the Chrysalith and speak with Cavalero to open the Evolve Incarnon Weapons menu.

In the menu, you will see a list of weapons that you have possible upgrades for and to install the adapter you will first need the resources for it.

Once you select the weapon you want to install an Incarnon Genesis Adapter on, press upgrade and it will now be enhanced with Void-given properties.

How To Use Incarnon Genesis Weapons?

Incarnon Genesis Weapons can be used during missions once you have upgraded them but these are not automatically in their full form.

You will have to build up enough energy for them to function, which requires that you use the weapon to kill enemies, which charges the bar under your reticle.

Once the bar has even the slightest amount of charge in it, you can transmute the Incarnon Genesis weapon by pressing the alternate fire button.

A transmuted weapon will return to its normal form when your charge wears out, which happens when you attack with the weapon.

Incarnon Genesis EvolutionIncarnon Genesis (Weapons List, Rotation & Adapters) (3)

Incarnon Genesis weapons can further be enhanced through their evolution system, which requires you complete certain objectives to unlock the next evolution.

Once you have reached the next evolution level, you will be able to select certain perks that will be applied to the Incarnon Genesis weapon.

This can be done by visiting Cavalero at the Chrysalith and at any time, you can always switch to other perks by visiting him again. (Only one perk may be activated per evolution)

Incarnon Genesis Weapons List

Below is a list of all the Incarnon Genesis Weapons that were introduced in The Duviri Paradox update, which can be obtained from The Circuit on Steel Path.

  • Braton Incarnon Genesis
  • Lato Incarnon Genesis
  • Skana Incarnon Genesis
  • Paris Incarnon Genesis
  • Kunai Incarnon Genesis
  • Bo Incarnon Genesis
  • Latron Incarnon Genesis
  • Furis Incarnon Genesis
  • Furax Incarnon Genesis
  • Strun Incarnon Genesis
  • Lex Incarnon Genesis
  • Magistar Incarnon Genesis
  • Boltor Incarnon Genesis
  • Bronco Incarnon Genesis
  • Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Genesis
  • Torid Incarnon Genesis
  • Dual Toxocyst Incarnon Genesis
  • Dual Ichor Incarnon Genesis
  • Miter Incarnon Genesis
  • Atomos Incarnon Genesis
  • Ack & Brunt Incarnon Genesis
  • Soma Incarnon Genesis
  • Vasto Incarnon Genesis
  • Nami Solo Incarnon Genesis
  • Burston Incarnon Genesis
  • Zylok Incarnon Genesis
  • Sibear Incarnon Genesis
  • Dread Incarnon Genesis
  • Despair Incarnon Genesis
  • Hate Incarnon Genesis

Steel Path Circuit – Incarnon Genesis Rotation

  • Week 1: Braton, Lato, Skana, Paris, Kunai
  • Week 2: Bo, Latron, Furis, Furax, Strun
  • Week 3: Lex, Magistar, Boltor, Bronco, Ceramic Dagger
  • Week 4: Torid, Dual Toxocyst, Dual Ichor, Miter, Atomos
  • Week 5: Ack & Brunt, Soma, Vasto, Nami Solo, Burston
  • Week 6: Zylok, Sibear, Dread, Despair, Hate

Once Week 6 passes, the schedule repeats.


Incarnon Genesis Materials

Incarnon Genesis was introduced with the release of The Duviri Paradox and the resources needed for all the adapters to be installed can be found in Duviri.

This requires that you head over to Duviri to collect whatever resources are needed to install the Incarnon Adapter on a weapon.

Not all weapons will require the same resources when you install an Incarnon Genesis Adapter, which makes it important to check the weapon first by speaking to Cavalero.


Incarnon Genesis is a great way to improve some of the older weapons that you may have already put aside after switching to newer weapons.

The ability to evolve them makes things more interesting as this will be able to benefit your builds and allow you to face tougher challenges.

Keep in mind that each Incarnon Genesis weapon can be evolved to a certain extent and the perks can be changed whenever you feel like altering your build.

Incarnon Genesis (Weapons List, Rotation & Adapters) (2024)
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